Monday, January 27, 2014

Alternative Schools in Latin America: ReEvo

I've been on the hunt for international versions of AERO: Alternative Education Resource Organization, to expand my network of schools.  Just this week I discovered a film called La Educación Prohibida, a Spanish-language documentary about alternative and progressive schools and learning communities in Latin America and Spain.

I highly suggest you watch it. The film is a project of crowdfunding and is "copyleft-ed," so that it is free to all audiences by intention. As of today, the Spanish-language version has received almost nine million views. The film, with subtitles, is below:

According to the filmmakers, after finishing the film, they realized that there was more to do (and learn), and so they founded ReEvo, a Spanish-language online platform to connect educators, activists, students and parents, and share information about progressive and alternative schools globally. 

I contacted ReEvo staffers to thank them for the film and share my project, and they've asked me to join their team of activists! Which means: I'm working on translating my blog posts into Spanish, and they'll be available to an even wider audience, and I'll be connected to interesting projects all over the world! 

I'm also working on helping to fill in the North American section of their global Collective Map of alternative schools. Add your knowledge to the map! 

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